Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Hi, and welcome to my blog!

This summer, I have developed a love of maxi-dresses. I always thought I would look way too overdressed in them - especially for work - but after trying some on, I bit the bullet and now I have 4! One black, which has ties that either go around your waist or as a halter neck; one royal blue strapless, one with a black bandeau top and flowery body, and my newest one - a dark grey jersey vest one from Warehouse.
I am wearing my newest one today - I always love to wear new things straight away, and I only bought this one on Monday.
I have teamed it with a light grey leopard print cardigan, black waist belt and black gladiators. Plus I am wearing my trusty silver stash of jewellery - chunky Tiffany, Gucci and Links of London!! I love my silver jewellery so much, but have to wait for birthdays and Christmas before I can add more to my collection.
Here is a collage of my outfit today - cardi, belt and shoes are similar, not the exact ones.


  1. im glad i inspire someone lol! and you have your first follower xxxxx