Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Show and tell......

Hi everyone, hope you had a good week! Can't believe it's been that long since I last posted, it's been a manic week.

I thought I would show you how I display most of my jewellery. I don't like having things away if I can help it - I love being able to see everything at once, I find it easier to put outfits together and remember what I have!!

If I could, I would have all my clothes, shoes, bags etc in a giant walk-in closet - I get serious closet envy every time I watch Cribs!!

Where do you keep your jewellery and accessories?


  1. I loveee the glass bowl of flowers! that is such a cute idea! funnily enough, i wrote a post yesterday asking how people store their jewellery :)
    loving the blog
    love, www.xoxoavs.blogspot.com

  2. My personal jewelry is kept in jewelry boxes because I get stressed out if there is too much clutter. Now, the jewelry inventory for my shop and the stuff I make is all over the place. My kitchen counter looks like a jewelry tage sale!

  3. I absolutely love how you display your jewelry. I need to have something like that as well, it looks great. Like your blog alot too! Now following you :)


  4. i love looking at how ppl store there jewellery - mine is seriously out of control x